Ubuntu: Testing authenticated SMTP over TLS/SSL

SMTP mail relays exposed to the internet typically use a combination of SSL and authenticated SMTP to avoid abuse by malicious actors.

This is an excellent choice from a security perspective, but makes smoke testing a bit more complex than just opening telnet.

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Zabbix: Alert to PagerDuty using Zabbix3

Having Zabbix send alert mails directly to user groups is typically outgrown as the system matures and the number of alerts increase, new lines of business and engineering groups are on-boarded, and on-call scheduling is implemented.

If you already use PagerDuty for on-call scheduling, then it makes perfect sense to have Zabbix create incidents in PagerDuty. While it is possible to use standard email to perform some level of integration,  the native library is the tightest integration you will find and supports multiple pager duty services.

The agent built by PagerDuty is especially well done, using their API to automatically create PagerDuty incidents as well as automatically mark them resolved if the trigger is only ephemeral (e.g. a temporary cpu spike).

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