CloudFoundry: Exploring Cloud Foundry using the spring-music application

Cloud Foundry is an opinionated Platform-as-a-Service that allows you to manage applications at scale.  It supports multiple infrastructure platforms (EC2, VMware, OpenStack), and is able to standardize deployment, logging,  scaling, and routing in a way that is friendly to a continuous delivery pipeline.

In this series of articles, we will use the spring-music web application to explore Cloud Foundry features and concepts.

Docker: logspout for Docker log collection

Docker log collection can be done using various methods, one method that is particularly effective is having a dedicated container whose sole purpose is to automatically sense other deployed containers and aggregate their log events.

This is the architectural model of logspout, an open-source project that acts as a router for the stdout/stderr logs of other containers.

If you do not have docker installed yet, see my article here.  Before moving on, you should be able to run the hello-world container.

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