SaltStack: Troubleshooting Basic Network Connectivity of Minion on Ubuntu

saltstack_logo-thumbnailWhen troubleshooting basic connectivity from your SaltStack minions to your Salt master, the first thing to remember is the basic flow – the minions initiate the connection to port 4505/4506 on the Salt master.

With this in mind, if you have modified /etc/salt/minion so that the master is explicitly set and logs are set to debug levels as shown below:

master: mysaltmaster
log_level_logfile: debug

And the minion key is still not showing up on the Salt master list (salt-key -L), and the minion log file (/var/log/salt/minion) is not providing any hints, you should try a basic network connectivity test using netcat.  From the console of the Salt minion:

nc -vz mysaltmaster 4505
nc -vz mysaltmaster 4506

If netcat cannot reach the Salt master’s 4505 and 4506 (tcp) ports, then the minion service will not be able to either.

If the Salt master’s logs (/var/log/salt/master) complains about the key being presented or the name is wrong, then stop the minion service, remove its id and keys.  When you restart the minion, these will regenerate.

service salt-minion stop
cd /etc/salt
rm minion_id
rm pki/minion/*
service salt-minion start