Docker: Visualizing image hierarchy and container dependency using dockviz

The Docker console commands for listing and viewing containers and images (ps, images, history, inspect) provides a wealth of information, but when you are managing hundreds of containers, a graph view of the container inventory and their dependencies can be critical for operations.

Dockviz can help you visualize your containers and images by creating an PNG image representing the container links and image lineage.

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Grafana: Connecting to an ElasticSearch datasource

The ElasticSearch stack (ELK) is popular open-source solution that serves as both repository and search interface for a wide range of applications including: log aggregation and analysis, analytics store, search engine, and document processing.

Its standard web front-end, Kibana, is a great product for data exploration and dashboards.  However, if you have multiple data sources including ElasticSearch, want built-in LDAP authentication, or the ability to annotate graphs, you may want to consider Grafana to surface your dashboards and visualizations.

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