Maven: Installing a 3rd party jar to a local or remote repository

Especially in enterprise application development, there can be 3rd party dependencies that are not available in public Maven repositories.  These may be internal, business specific libraries or licensed libraries that have limitations on usage.

When this is the case, you can either publish to a private Maven repository that controls authorization or you can put them into your local cached maven repository.

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Maven: Installing a private Maven repository on Ubuntu using Artifactory

An essential part of the standard build process for Java applications is having a set of repositories where project artifacts are stored.

Artifact curation provides the ability to manage dependencies, quickly rollback releases, support compatibility of downstream projects, do QA promotion from test to production, support a continuous build pipeline, and provides auditability.

JFrog puts out an open-source Maven server called Artifactory that is perfect for setting up a private Maven repository for internal applications.

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Ubuntu: Enabling the Ubuntu universe Repository

ubuntuThere are four main repositories for Ubuntu: Main, Universe, Restricted, and Multiverse.  The Ubuntu CD contains the packages from the Main and Restricted repositories, so even if you do not have an Internet connections those will be available.

However, if you have booted from the LiveCD, and did not initially configure a wired or wireless network connection, then the ‘Universe’ repository will not be enabled.

If you were trying to install a package such as putty and the Universe repository source was disabled, you would get ‘E: Unable to locate package’ responses when trying to install and an empty response from apt-cache when searching for this package:

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