OpenWrt: Upgrading OpenWrt to the latest snapshot build

Although stables releases of OpenWrt come out every 6 to 12 months, the automatically built snapshots offer a way to embrace the latest features, patches, and  security fixes without waiting that long.

A sysupgrade procedure works by saving the configuration files from known locations, deleting the entire filesystem, installing the new version of OpenWrt,  and then restoring the configuration files.

This is usually painless, but there can be issues if configuration changes have been made in non-standard file locations and are not saved.  Additionally, custom packages do not survive the sysupgrade and have to be reinstalled (to ensure compatibility with the kernel) and their new configurations must be manually merged.

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Ubuntu: Serial level access to your Linksys WRT1X00AC/S

ubuntuWhether you are updating the official LinkSys router firmware or taking it a step further and installing open-source firware like OpenWrt, serial level access to your Linksys router is the most dependable way of guaranteeing a connection.

And if you have tried to flash the firmware via the web admin interface and after a reboot you cannot get web access again, then you have no choice.  You have to be able to plug directly into the router’s serial interface and troubleshoot.

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